WordFind Kids - Ver 1.1 (iPhone OS 4.0 Tested)
for iPhone and iPod Touch . Buy it now!

Wordfind Kids is a classic letter grid in which you try to find words hidden amongst the letters. Select words horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards. No internet connection is needed because the games are on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The new Wordfind Kids was created in response to many requests for an easier, kid-friendly version. The words are easier and the grids are smaller than our classic Wordfind adult version. We've worked very hard, and painstakingly narrowed down our word list to contain non-offensive and kid-friendly words. We even had a septuagenarian laboriously edit our huge word list in order to ensure fun game playing, while excluding derogatory words. We've gone as far as to remove words such as: queen, reams, sack, tail, etc. due to the fact that even though many words themselves are mundane, they can have vulgar connotations. In the event that you find any word offensive, please write to us and we will remove it from future revisions!

The game progress is automatically saved and timers stopped, if you need to answer a phone call or even if you want leave the game and come back to it later.

Wordfind Kids features:
- Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.
- Each difficulty level has it's own timer, so you can try to beat your best time at each level.
- A really cute Hint system to aid in finding words.
- The game auto-saves so that you can return to it at any time.
Plenty of Animations and Sounds to keep your kids entertained while they learn new words.
- Games are generated randomly so you will never play the same game twice.
- Increase your vocabulary. If you have an internet connection, you can lookup the words and their definitions. (Please note that an internet connection is not required to play the game.)

Selecting Words
There are 3 ways to select a word from the grid. Use the one that is most convenient for you:

• Touch the first letter of the word, then drag the red marker to the last letter of the word.
• Tap the first letter of the word. A red marker will appear over that letter. Now tap the last letter of the word.
• Double tap over the area where the first letter of the word is. A zooming panel will appear. Tap on the first letter on the zooming panel. The panel will go away, and a red marker will appear over the selected letter. Repeat the procedure to select the last letter.

If your selection is correct, the entire word will be highlighted, and the word will be removed from the word list.

Download Instructions (pdf format. same document as included inside the application).

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