January 7th SimpleFTP 3.14 release.


OCTOBER 24th SimpleFTP 3.12 release.

SEPTEMBER 28th SimpleFTP 3.10 release.


July 8th SimpleFTP 3.01 release.

APR 29th SimpleFTP 3.00 release.


Mar 17th SimpleFTP 2.01 release.

Feb 14th SimpleFTP 2.00 release.

Feb 14th SimpleAudioCD Player 1.01 release.


Oct 27th SimpleAudioCD Player 1.00 release.

Sept 14th SimpleFTP 1.30 release update.

June 17th SimpleFTP 1.20 release update.

April 27th SimpleFTP 1.10 release update.

February 25th SimpleFTP 1.03 release update.

February 12th SimpleFTP 1.02 release update.

February 8th SimpleFTP 1.01 release update.

January 27th Release of SimpleFTP 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.1


October 1st Versions 2.0.0 of our AudioCD and Volume Docklings for OS X 10.1.

July 14th Versions 1.2.1 Volume Dockling and AudioCD Dockling released. Minor updates.

May 18th New version of our AudioCD Dockling 1.2.0. Totally re-written and addition of CDDB support!

April 21st New version of our Volume Dockling 1.2.0. Totally re-written!

April 4th We've created an alternate "Graphite" version of the Volume dockling for those of you who wanted it. See below.

April 3rd We've had a few reports of the Volume icon disappearing from the dock after changing the volume the first time. The solution is to Logout and Log back in (or reboot) OS X. If that doesn't do the trick for you, please write us at

April 2nd New versions of AudioCD and Volume Docklings released! You asked for it, you got it! Note: about 'media key' support for volume. We wrote Apple asking them to fix their drivers to send notification events. When this happens, our docklings will automatically support the media keys.

March 27th Thanks everyone for the great amount of positive feedback for these little apps. We are working on adding a few requested features to the Volume Docking. Namely the 'mute button' and hopefully support for the 'media (volume) keys' on the Apple Pro Keyboard. A few other things may be in the works too, so keep and eye out!