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Author Topic: Really Happy  (Read 4723 times)
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« on: October 15, 2014, 12:26:17 pm »

I am really happy with my purchase of time master; even more so since the update that stopped the program from hanging when you would have it record which data was sent out.  Here is a copy of the review I just posted in the App store:

I am extremely happy with this application. It took me about 35 minutes to get the hang of things and it has made my life much simpler ever since. I do not use it to send invoices. I use it to track my time and then easily transmit that time to my assistant who enters it into my company's billing program.

It is very simple to use it to keep track of what you are doing, and to incorporate exclamation of the jobs being performed while you go.  They also give you a lot of options to tailor it to your needs – for this I did need to take time and go through the manual, but once you have it set up, you're good to go. One example of an item that can be personalized is how you tell us whether you want to know the actual time you start and and a project or if you just want total hours and minutes.  It also asks whether you track time in terms of tenths of an hour, 30 minute segments, ETC, and then how you round up or down if you finish a project in the middle. 

An aspect I do not like (and that I was told would not be corrected) is that you cannot start tracking time until you after you select a client or project name.  In other words, if you were asked to sit in on a call or other activity that you will be billing for, but do not know who the client is, you have to make some sort of name up before you can start the timer. I would've preferred to have been able to start the timer and then gone back at another time to insert the client name, especially since creating a client name requires several clicks.  A "work around" is to create a client name with something like "miscellaneous" or "AAA" and use that when you need to.  Still, it does require three "click" to get a timer going initially. Once you start a timer for a pic of your day, though, it only takes one click to toggle it off and then one click to toggle it back on. I just have an issue with the initial timer per job, and that is why I rank this as 4-star and not 5-star.

The program has never crashed on me – I use it with my iPad with retina display. I've used it a little with my iPhone 5s, but not much.

When thinking about buying this program, I compared it to hours tracker, and while that program has a free version, this program seemed to have more benefits, and was worth the price, especially since I heard that the free version of hours tracker will start limiting people to three total entries sometime in 2015.  Following are where I thought time master out-did hours tracker, but keep in mind that this list is comparing time master to the free version of hours tracker:

free dropbox coordination - it seems that hours tracker requires an additional purchase to back up data to dropbox. Keep in mind that while tim master does not require this in order to back up your data, and that if you have 2 devices, you can then download that data to your other device at no charge, it is not a "real-time update" among devices. One of their paid upgrades might be needed for that – I'm not sure.

"Ask" with multiple timers– hours tracker seems to require you to choose whether to allow multiple timers or not, while time master allows you to choose to allow it, not allow it, or have the program ask you each time you start a new timer without stopping a prior timer, making time master more flexible

global rounding – Both programs allow you to define when you round up or around down your time for billing purposes, but hours tracker seems to require you to set this individually for each client, while time master allows you to set it once for all your clients, and then you'd only need to change it at the individual client level if that individual client required something different

"Copy" descriptions from prior client entry – When you start a new timer for a pre-existing client, time master allows you to copy the prior entry into the current entry with the click of a button. Hours tracker does not

Simple emailing of data – both programs allow you to take your time entry data and easily email it to someone else with all the information within an email or as an attachment. For my purposes, I send the information within an email and my secretary commented that it was easier for her to copy and paste from the emails generated three-time master then through hours tracker.  I think it was mainly an issue of time master including all the information in a table that made it easier for her to copy and paste than hours tracker which lays it out as more ordinary text

Web support forum – The hours tracker person was responsive when I emailed him,  but so was the time master contact. What puts time master in the "win column" here is that time master has a special support forum where you can login to ask questions and read questions other people had.

Manual - Time master has a very helpful manual to explain what you can do and how to do it. I suspect that hours tracker can do a lot, but I suspect I would not be able to figure out most of it because there is no manual.

This is absolutely the right program for me, as it has made timekeeping much simpler. I recommend that anyone hesitating to purchase this app go to the website and review the manual to see all the things it can do.

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