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Author Topic: staff time entries  (Read 3309 times)
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« on: September 28, 2012, 04:26:45 pm »

I've been using the Time Master and Billing app for ipad for several months now and chose it because it far outperformed the other applications that I've tried, offering more of the options that I need and a more intuitive interface.
There is one way that I've found TM&B lacking for my purpose however. There is no way of designating a time entry for an employee or different members of the business. The best that I've managed is to put in the entry as a time entry originally and then, after completion, copy over the total into an expense and then go back and erase the time entry. All of this seems needlessly complicated.
It couldn't be very difficult to add an additional field into the time entry that would signify it as an employee or sub-contractor and automatically add the total (or a separate field based on a different hourly rate so that the rate being paid the employee and that being charged the client can be different to account for overhead) to the expenses for report purposes.
Please consider adding a feature such as this and if there is a better work around than what I'm currently using please leave the suggestion. Otherwise I may end up transferring to an OS based program despite the utility of having the ipad in the field.

Thank you,
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« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2012, 09:27:26 am »

Hi Jeremy,

What we suggest to anyone who needs to track an Employee is to either use the Category or the Task fields.  In your case I would use the Task field since you are saying that you need to "adjust" the billing rate according to the Employee.  Create a Task with the Employee's name and set the Rate to the rate that you charge for that employee.  When you create a Time Entry, just assign that Task (employee).  That way the Time Entry will be billed at that rate.  You can also run a Report and Filter on a Task to get the totals for just that employee.  If you didn't need to change the Rate for the employee, in the entry, we would suggest using the "simple" Categories field instead so that you could use the Task field for more complicated entries (that need to adjust things such as the Rate).
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