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Author Topic: Ability to track time online or on laptop & sync with mobile devices  (Read 3420 times)
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« on: August 14, 2011, 07:53:26 pm »

I am a new user to the app and really like it.  I am an attorney so time tracking functionality is the main thing I am looking for in an app.  I have tried numerous online billing services, software programs, and apps to handle my billing and thus far, I have been most pleased with yours for [1] flexibility in setting up the terms and tasks for my billing [2] cost [3] and ease of use.  I am a solo practitioner so I do not have a secretary to enter my information for me into a billing system, so basically all my billing information is synced on my two devices, backed up online through the app and backed up to my laptop through time-master central.  I am currently handling a lot of contracts, corporate agreements, etc and spend almost all my working hours at my laptop.  I really miss the functionality that I had with other billing programs/apps wherein I could create time entries [1] on my laptop or on a website or [2] on my device. 

I know syncing with windows is problematic, but I use "toodledo" to keep track of my to-do items which allows syncing between multiple devices and a central webpage.  It also allows me to enter information while on my laptop through the website and sync that to my mobile device. 

Are there any plans in the works to create this type of functionality for time master?  I have read a lot of the suggestion entries and I think I am correct in understanding that there are no plans to add that type of functionality to time master central....but what about an online option?  As all the lawyers posting to this forum have stated, remembering to track your billable errors is the bane of an attorney's work day.  Having to turn from my laptop to start a timer on my ipad adds an extra step that adds to that problem.  I may find myself back with the billing options that I don't like as well and that don't work as well for me simply because I can start a timer on my laptop while I can't with time master.

Am I missing something?  Is there some way I can use an ad hoc method to do this?  Thanks!  Noelle
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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 12:18:41 pm »

We currently do not have a desktop version of Time Master.  It is on our "wish list".  We may look at trying to "port" it to the Mac OSX platform (10.5+, intel only) at some point.  Unfortunately it is not a quick & easy thing or we would have done that by now.  A Windows version would be much harder and we do not currently have the time/resources to do that.  There are still a lot of things that we want to add to the iOS app itself, so it's a matter of trying to prioritize them.  We may try and tackle the OSX version at some point, but we do not have an ETA for that yet.

We would not do an "online" version as it would require running servers and would be more work trying to support that then we have resources.  When there are problems with the servers (or internet), we would have a barrage of people trying to contact us and we would not want to degrade the application's ratings with things that could be beyond our control.
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