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Title: Crash on exporting invoice
Post by: thedave on November 30, 2015, 10:10:51 am
there was another topic on this, but it was resolved without the need for a solution, and mine may be slightly different.

i generally use the android version of the app for my day to day time tracking problems.  however, i enjoy kicking back with the ipad when it comes time to do my invoicing.

the problem started a few months ago, but i've just now taken the time to look into this. it happens as follows:

if i click on the invoices tab, and choose "export invoice", i am presented with a list of invoices.  the moment i click on an invoice, the normal preview/print, email to me, email to client, etc. screen starts to load and the program crashes.

in an effort to troubleshoot this, i have done the following:

* updated ios to v.9.1 (was on 9.01, but this was happening on ios8, which was why i upgraded to 9 in the first place)
* removed and reinstalled time master completely.
* synced with my android device, rather than restoring backup (it took a lot longer, but no change).

**** edit.  i decided to pull out my old iphone 4s running ios 8.2 just to see what happens.  it crashed immediately.  i then decided to try an old backup to see if it is some issue with the database.  restoring a backup from march worked great, and it lets me export invoices perfectly.

Title: Re: Crash on exporting invoice
Post by: Adam on November 30, 2015, 08:27:49 pm
Make sure you are running the most current version of TM for Android.  Then go into the Settings and edit the Company record and then hit Save.  Note that it may clear out the Heading.  There was a bug on the Android version with the Header record, that when you Restore the file to iOS, it would cause the Invoice module to crash.

Title: Re: Crash on exporting invoice
Post by: thedave on December 02, 2015, 11:33:33 am
that fixed it.  thank you so much.

ps. for with it's worth, it didn't remove the header.  in fact, it didn't seem like it did anything, but it worked.