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Title: 2 suggestions / requests
Post by: tal on June 04, 2015, 02:38:27 pm
Good afternoon. I have two things I would like to request. First, I would find it helpful to be able to assign a category at the project level, rather than the client level. This would be helpful for clients for whom I do different types of projects. Second, I see in the forums that there have been requests in the past for some kind of report templates. Or saved reports, where I can assign different field options to the different reports. I can see where that would helpful, especially where I want to pull up information on an ipad without exporting to excel. Thanks for your consideration.

Great program. I've used it in various ways for several years now, but have recently put most of my solo law firm work onto it. Better for me than the the big money programs.

Title: Re: 2 suggestions / requests
Post by: Adam on July 06, 2015, 11:57:34 am
Categories is just a very simple 4th filter item we added.  Primary so that it could be used for people who need to track "employees".  It will only remain "global".  You can always use the same Category name for different clients (just like Global Tasks).

Report templates is something that we hope to be able to get to sometime in the future.  Currently there are other things that have a higher priority.

Thanks for writing!