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Title: Importing drills (Android)
Post by: Dre on June 19, 2014, 07:31:21 am
“Cannot open file” is the only message I get when selecting the file in the “Downloads” app as instructed on Page 7 in the manual for importing drills.
Files on dropbox or on Google Drive doesn’t work either. Same message as when trying to open a downloaded file.

However, opening an *.drill attachment from a mail works.

Sort of at least. This does not work...
Creating a drill and then mailing it to yourself.
Then changing name of the original drill in the ShotMaxx Trainer app.
Then opening the mailed drill and pressing the import button.
Unfortunately nothing is imported and added to the drill list.
This would have been a way to get around a copy-paste feature of drills that I’m missing.