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Title: Adding 'Reference' to entries on Statements...
Post by: Kenny on February 07, 2014, 03:27:09 am

Unless I'm missing something I don't see any option to add details to a statement.

Currently all a statement produces is a list of invoice numbers. My problem is that most of my clients have mutiple people working within them and when their accounts dept receive my invoice they have no idea who to chase or what the job is.

Obviously they could investigate further but most are reluctant and contact me forore information which means I have to look at my time entries and then email the details, which means it's quicker to just do that in the first place.

Please tell me I'm missing something!


Title: Re: Adding 'Reference' to entries on Statements...
Post by: Adam on February 07, 2014, 11:15:19 am
That is correct.  Statements are an accounts receivable summary of what is owed.  There is no and will be no details.  If needed, you can resend an invoice.

Perhaps you can put something in the Invoice Notes box that describes the job so when they get the invoice, they will know what they need to know.  All your details should be on the Invoice.

Title: Re: Adding 'Reference' to entries on Statements...
Post by: Kenny on February 12, 2014, 03:16:39 am
Agreed on how clients should act, but in reality they don't all confirm to a standard especially when it comes to paying.

The problem I'm finding is that some of my clients are big corporates and I do work for lots of different departments in the same company. They all push the individual invoices I send through to their accounts dept and when I send a statement it's the accounts dept I send it to.

So what happens is they receive a statement with just the invoice number on. If the individual I've dealt with hasn't sent through the invoice correctly through to accounts for whatever reason then accounts just chuck it back at me explain further and sort.

My point for the long winded explanation is your software is there to help me accomplish a task easier than most as it's aimed at the smaller business. In these instances it's causing me to do a lot of work that could be resolved by a single toggles option to display detail to each entry on a statement if required.

I understand it's a minor point but I'd be surprised if a lot of your users don't get calls when sending statements asking, "What was that invoice?". Yes, we could send each queried invoice again, but the majority would be solved by job reference entries on the statement. Would be a great time saver for a small business.

Many thanks.

Title: Re: Adding 'Reference' to entries on Statements...
Post by: Adam on February 12, 2014, 10:28:07 am
Hi Kenny,

Sorry, we are not going to add detailed to the AR (accounts receivable) Statement.  It would then become a very long invoice instead.  Many users have pages long invoices (myself included) and then a statement may become a small book.

Perhaps what you need to do is "split" the Client up by departments.  Create a new Client record for each division.  Set the Short Name to something like "ABC-D1" for the first division and copy all the other info as needed.  Of course make the Short Name so it's obvious to you.  "ABC-D2" for the second division, etc..  The Long Name can be the same for each and will print on invoices.  That way their statements will only be for each division and will rule out confusion.