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Title: Improvements for manual time entry
Post by: JeffryOnCore on August 03, 2012, 04:12:37 pm
After spending way too much time choosing Time Master over some competitors, I offer these suggestions.  My use scenario is manual time entry at the end of a day (or two), often comparing to my calendar to insure I've recorded everything.   A typical time entry is an hour or two with a gap in between entries.  Minimal button presses and review of what I've entered is important.  That said, here is the list, most of which could be optional settings:
1. Set the time picker increment, so I don't have to scroll through all 60 minutes.
2. On the Time Entries screen, it would be great to group entries by day or week (if reviewing a month).  Nothing fancy, just a visual seperation so I can see entries from different days.  (Assuming screen is sorted by Date.)
3. Reduce the number of sub-screens I must enter and return from to manually input a time entry. The date/time entry is a bit cumbersome in the number of subscreens I must enter, select, and return from.  (3a) One simplification would be to keep those fields in the top half of the screen, with the time picker below. (Less entry/returns from subscreens.) (3b) Another simplification would be combine date/time into one "picker".
4. I don't use the money stuff (gasp!), so maybe have an option to turn off it's display...
5. A lower priority convenience would be to populate the time entry from an existing calendar entry. Give a list of "nearbly" calendar appointments, and let me choose one.  At a mimimum, this would populate the date, start/end times, and if lucky, some of the other fields.
Thanks for listening,

Title: Re: Improvements for manual time entry
Post by: Adam on August 03, 2012, 05:15:05 pm
Hi Jeff,

We are looking into being able to customize the picker wheels for the Time and Duration.  We will add your request to our "wish list" as that helps give us priority for new features.

We cannot add any more info to the Date picker screen.  We were barely able to create the custom calendar view on the iPhone.  There is no way to add Time on there.

You can "Duplicate" an "old" entry.  Just tap on the "Grey" box of the prior entry and follow the prompts.

Title: Re: Improvements for manual time entry
Post by: jec on November 29, 2012, 01:46:58 pm
Somewhat in the same vein as one point of Jeff's original ...

Am I missing something, or is there no manual entry for times like there is for Quantity, Amount and Odometer?

I waste more time on those toy spinners than anything else.

Preferably, something that would work with the 12-button phone-like keypad used by the above:

1700.1800 for 5p-6p
1700..100 for 5p-6p
..100 for 1 hour

It would also be nice to have duration-only (i.e., time optional):

...100 for 1 hour, no times

Best of course would be combining the above with accepting the entire date/time/duration in a single line in standard unix date/time format:


Apologies if I missed something.

Title: Re: Improvements for manual time entry
Post by: Adam on November 29, 2012, 05:04:22 pm
We cannot really have two different pickers at the same time.  e.g. wheel and text input.  What the first user was looking for was to be able to change the "minute" wheel intervals.  So instead of 1,2,3...59, you could have 00, 15, 30, 45.  We hope to do this in a future version.

What you might want to use is the Quick pick buttons below them.  The defaults are +- 1 hour, +- 10 minutes and +- 1 minute.  You can also customize those for different intervals if you want.

Title: Re: Improvements for manual time entry
Post by: JeffryOnCore on December 01, 2012, 06:11:28 pm
A continued suggestion for the quick pickers would be able to input absolute duration, instead of +/-.  That would enable me to spin the 1-minute dial just once to set start time, then use the pre-programmed quick-picks to enter 1 hour or 15 minutes.  Heck, mixing absolute durations and increment/decrements would kee everyone happy.  (I could set start time, "absolute" it to 1 hour, then decrement up or down by 15 minutes.)

Of course, I'd still love to be able to change the "minute" whele intervals.

Title: Re: Improvements for manual time entry
Post by: empowergraphics on February 20, 2013, 11:53:46 am
While on this topic, I would like to add a suggestion: to see the actual duration while setting the start and/or end times. I often want to set a particular duration by manipulating the start and end times but have to accept, then go back to make the change, then accept, then go back... if I could see the duration after setting the start or end time, that would save a bunch of clicks...

And... it actually would help if "Start Time", "End Time" and "Duration" were options on the same screen - you have the real estate above the tumbler... this would avoid setting one, then going out, going back in to set one of the others...