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Title: Creating estimates
Post by: Darknightjedi on March 21, 2011, 05:01:28 pm
Hi all,

First off, cheers to the crew at on-core for an amazing app. I've now almost completely switched from QuickBooks to Time Master since it's always with me and doesn't bog me down with stuff I don't need.

That said, I'm wondering if anyone else needs to create written estimates for proposed work? I'd love it there was either an additional module or an addition to the invoicing module for this task. Unless someone else has found a work around...

I guess I could simply create an invoice, send it to my client but leave it marked as pending.

If anyone has ideas I'd be very grateful...


Title: Re: Creating estimates
Post by: Adam on March 21, 2011, 05:16:11 pm
Hi Mark,

Yes, we have been asked for a Quote/Estimate module.  We occasionally talk about it and are trying to hash out some ideas on how it will work.  We think that we may need to do a little work on the Expenses section for Parts, but we will see.  We appreciate your feedback, as it really helps us to determine what features our users are looking for.  Thanks for writing!