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Title: A few quick suggestions.
Post by: DeepOvertone on February 06, 2011, 06:53:58 pm
I've been using the app for quite some time now and I really love it. It really helps me keep track of my time and bill for everything I've done. I have found one thing that doesn't make perfect sense to me.

When you go to Time Entries, then click the plus to add an entry, the first line you are presented with is Client. But if you go to Expenses then click the plus to add an expense, Client is the seond line you are presented with. Further more, if you go to modules then invoicing then to manage invoices and create a new invoice....Client is the fourth item you are presented with. This is a bit frustrating because I have to hunt for that field every time I change to a different part of the application. If it were the top line item in every screen, I could just go right to it without having to search. It makes sense to me because its required on every entry. Since its the most important I think it should be on the top of every new entry page. 

Next I agree with using the pop up calculator style number entry pad. Using the numbers on top of the keyboard is quite frustrating.

Is there a reason that when you create a new time entry, it doesnt start as soon as you hit save? Am I missing a setting somewhere? I can understand if you create a new time entry that has a different start and stop time, especially if its starting on a previous date. But what if I create a new time entry when I'm starting a new job and forget to start my timer. I would have to go and manually enter the time which is a hassle. At a minimum I think there should be an option under setup that allows you to start timer upon creating new time entry. It could also be customizable.. Such as "start timer only if start and stop time are equal". Or "start timer only if date is earlier than current". Lastly and I think possibly the best idea is to have an on/off slider under sessions that says "start timer upon saving" or something like that. That way I could turn it on or off as I see fit.

Last one. When entering expenses, the default quantity is one. That makes perfect sense but if I have to edit the quantity then I have to either backspace to erase the 1.00 or hit the x to erase the line. I wish that it would just know that I'm going to be entering a different quantity than 1.00 and automatically erase the 1.00 for me. Or if its easier, how about have the quantity field optional and that way if you go to use it, its allready blank. But if you dont enter a different quantity, then it defaults to 1.00.

Thats all I got for now. Thanks again for making such a usefull application!!

Title: Re: A few quick suggestions.
Post by: Ernesto on February 06, 2011, 08:05:59 pm
Thanks for your suggestions.
We will add them to our wish-list, which we look at whenever we work on a new version.

The only thing I'll point out is that the only reason we're not using a numeric pad to enter numbers is that the built-in number pad doesn't include the decimal dot (.), and Apple only added the ability to customize the keyboard in iOS 4.0... So, what we might do in the future is implement the custom calculator style control for iOS 4.0 and higher only.


Title: Re: A few quick suggestions.
Post by: DeepOvertone on February 06, 2011, 08:58:38 pm
Thats great! Thanks again!!