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Title: Additional fields
Post by: slashdotdash on November 15, 2010, 12:41:36 am
I am thinking of coming across to this App from iTimesheet. This seems to do everything that iTimesheet does and some more but what I want to know is - Is there a field that can be linked to the Project field that allows a cost code to be recorded on the invoice along with the project. If this is the case it would make this App the only thing I need to generate invoice. I currently use a CSV export & manipulation in Excel to do this. Fo my invoices I need them to look like this. The Xhrs & $X are totals for the month.

Project1   Costcode1     Xhrs    $X
Project2   Costcode2     Xhrs    $X

Does anyone if this is possible or if any developers are reading is this something that is being considered in the future.

Title: Re: Additional fields
Post by: Adam on November 15, 2010, 12:49:28 am
There are two additional fields for extra stuff for Projects and Tasks.  They have a "Code" and a "Note".  Either can be any text you desire.

We currently do not "collapse" the data into one line.  Right now you could export all your data or you could filter on a specific Project code (each Time Entry would be a separate line).  We may do some sort of collapse in the future, but I cannot make any promises to if and when it would get done.  It it currently on our "wishlist" request from a couple users.